Little, Right vs. Left, Heart “Tattoos”

When gymnasts can’t remember which foot lands first out of their handstand or which foot lands first, at the end of their cartwheel, I draw a little red heart to remind them of the correct foot placement.

Heart on their left foot, if they are left handed, and heart on their right foot if they are right handed.

They loved the fact that they had a little heart “tattoo”” on their foot! Having the heart made it fun for them to land the skill correctly. When I said, “Land with your heart foot,” they focused and almost always landed with the correct foot. They smiled when they would realize their ‘heart foot’ was in place.

Sorry parents if it doesn’t wash off tonight! But at least they have beautiful cartwheels and handstands now 🙂

Talented gymnasts I am lucky enough to coach.

Coach Kristina

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I think a lot. If I were an internet browser I would have about 20 tabs open every second of every day. 15 journals and counting. Black and white typography. PNW, coffee fiend. Inspiring and mentoring kids. One of those gluten free kids. I find its easiest to write about ideas that hit close to my heart. Practicing courage every day, with the help of yoga. Healthy eating is my passion.

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